About the meeting

Project period: November/December 2016, 6 days
The meeting took place from November 27th to December 2nd 2016 at Gregor-Mendel-Gymnasium in Amberg. Three delegations participated: 6 students and two teachers from Scotland, 12 students and 3 teachers from Italy and 11 students and 3 teachers from the Netherlands. All students were hosted by German families. The Italian and the Dutch delegation arrived on Sunday evening. On Monday the international group was welcomed by our headmaster Mr Peter Welnhofer who showed the group around our school for one hour. Then two German students presented the Bavarian school system to our guests and the Dutsch and Italian did the same with their school systems. In addition to that the students discussed the differences of our school systems. Then the whole group did a workshop on German Christmas traditions and made some Christmas angels. After that the international students hosted one lesson and had lunch together with their hosts. In the afternoon the group met in the gym for some ice-breaking activities and after that they went together to the waterworld of K├╝rf├╝rstenbad. In the evening the Scottish delegation arrived. The next day started with a lesson. The international students attended the first lesson of their host from 8.05 to 8.50. Then there was a workshop on debate from 9.00 to 12.00 with Anne Johnson from the German-American institute in Nuremberg. After the lunch break the group met in the townhall of Amberg and were welcomed by the mayor of Amberg. Then they had some discussion rounds in the townhall. Finally all students took part in a treasure hunt to get to know Amberg's inner city. On Wednesday the group went to Nuremberg, to the Hans-Sachs-Gymnasium. At that school they teach history and geography in English. History for years 7 and 9 and geography for year 8. All their pupils participate in this project. We were shown a geography lesson in English for Year 8 and then we discussed the methodology. After the lunch break the group went to the Nazi documentation centre. where they learnt a lot about Germany's Nazi past. In the evening there was the Erasmus+ party at the school canteen where all delegations showed variuos presentations to the parents, students, etc. On Thursday the group went to Munich, to the ministery of economy where the group was welcomed by StS Pschierer. We were explained the different relations that Bavaria has within the European Union. In the afternoon we were invited to visit the Bavarian government. The day ended with some free time in the inner city of Munich.