About the meeting

Project period: September 2016, 5 days
The meeting in Italy, at the Institute of Higher Education Ciuffelli - Einaudi in Todi, lasted 5 days. During the meet, the German and Dutch students were welcomed with music performances of the Italian students. They attended work sessions and workshops on Monday. On Tuesday they went to Perugia to visit the Council of the Region of Umbria, where the President of the Umbrian Region explained the relationships between European regions and the EU. They also visited the well-known School of Journalism of RAI, where they attended a workshop on "Media and globalization". On Wednesday, there was a presentaion of questonnaires on well-being at school, then, divided in two groups, the students visited the most important places and monuments of Todi with a guide. They also decided to visit Assisi during their free afternoon. On Thursday, they visited the City Hall to debate on the topic "THIS HOUSE BELIEVES THAT IT IS TIME FOR THE FEDERATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF EUROPE". They also departed to visit the town of Montecastello, in which the smallest theatre in the world is located. Later, the students and teachers attended a workshop about theatre techniques of improvisation. In the evening, the students had their farewell dinner with music.