About the meeting

Project period: October 2017, 5 days
The Spanish, Scottish, Romanian and Dutch delegations arrived on Sunday afternoon. The pupils were hosted by families and spent the free afternoon together with their host, while the teachers stayed in the hotel. On Monday, there was the welcome session with some music performances by students of the school; then there was the visit of the school and a work session with presentations by the five delegations. After the break, there was the first workshop about CEFR. After lunch, the students and the teacher have been involved in a “City-Game” for visiting the town of Todi and discover its culture, traditions and historical features. Teachers had dinner together. On Tuesday there was a full-day trip to Orvieto and Civita di Bagnoregio. The Italian students and their hosts spent a beautiful day together. On Wednesday, in the morning there were two work sessions in preparation for the dedate of Thursday morning. During the first session the students, divided in groups, filled in a questionnaire (A dialogue with our emotions) and discussed the topic of the debate (Emotions and citizenship). During the second session the students, divided in groups, organized performances to represent the six main emotions (Happiness, Sadness, Fear, Anger, Surprise, Disgust). The teachers had the project meeting. During the afternoon, teachers and students visited Assisi. On Thursday, there was a workshop about CLIL. At 10.30 we visited the City Hall where the major welcomed us and then the students did the international public debate on the topic "EMOTIONS AND CITIZENSHIP”. After luch, we departed to visit La Scarzuola. At 20.00 the students had their farewall dinner with music, while the teachers spent the evening together for the last dinner.