About the meeting

Project period: September 2017, 5 days
From 22- 27 September 2017 a group of students and teachers from Amberg (Germany) and Todi (Italy) visited De Breul for Erasmus+ project "The Voice of Young Europe". The aim of the project is to increase the involvement of young people in Europe. The theme of the week was a ‘sustainable Europe’ and the communication lines needed to secure this in the future. There was extensive discussion on these subjects by both the teachers and the students. In addition, guests visited the House of Europe in The Hague, the Rijksmuseum and the Open Air Museum in Arnhem. In conclusion, a discussion was held at the Town Hall in Zeist, where the students in the boardroom discussed the often contradictory contension between environmental and economical interests and the need for a lingua franca in Europe.