The objectives of the project

On a school level the project will be investigating how democratic processes work within the countries involved. The participating schools will be investigating the paths and necessary skills involved in policy making in general. Students will also explore the merits and drawbacks of the differing democratic systems at a school, local, national and European level.

Our project, which addresses citizenship at local, national and European level, will produce a new learning plan to embed European citizenship firmly in the curricula of the participating schools and their national networks. This will in turn, actively and effectively improve our preparation of the adults of the future for life in a unified Europe.

The project will be active at school level; the direct beneficiaries being the participating schools. Indirectly the European Youth Parliament will be profiting from the increasing interest and the schools in our respective network will be receiving a ready-made learning plan for European Citizenship.

The main objective of this project is to produce a transferrable learning programme for European Citizenship through cooperation between schools from geographically contrasting European member states and Turkey.