The results of the project

36 months later and all 6 schools from all corners of Europe are equipped with an extensive learning programme for European Citizenship.

These contain a product - the learning programme, but also a process description with advice for other institutions with similar aspirations. This has been a fruitful experience in which we gained a number of valuable insights:

  • Besides knowledge, skills and attitude are critical to education: our students need these to be able to function later in their lives.
  • Our students are invaluable partners in setting out new policy and investigating new ways to help them learn.
  • Our parents are also an important group which should be involved at all levels
  • When schools cooperate on a project like this, partners should relinquish prejudgements to enable them to learn from each other
  • The fundamental ideas which direct school policy are difficult to alter. It is essential that school management plays a key role in the implementation of new ideas.

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